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The Tri-Cities Shooting Association (TCSA) Highpower Range conducts formal matches and organized practices scheduled throughout the year from .22LR matches to 50 BMG events.  The Highpower range allows shooting out to 1,000 yards. 


The Highpower Range is only open for shooting events which are listed on the Monthly Calendar.  Participants can shoot at these events whether you are a member or not.  There is generally a fee for the different highpower events. 


For use of the Highpower Range during non-events, participants need to be a member who has completed the Range Safety Officer Class and the Highpower Training Class. Shooters who have the Highpower endorsement must also complete the required volunteer days for both the Public Range and Highpower Range.


HIGHPOWER RSO ENDORSEMENT:  For any interested TCSA RSO, 1KYD Highpower Endorsement Training is scheduled on an as-needed basis throughout the year.  It only takes an hour and allows you unrestricted access to the Highpower Range outside our scheduled Matches.  The only prerequisite is that you be a current TCSA RSO.  Please contact John Hauptmann with questions or to schedule your training.  


HIGHPOWER CONTACTS: Contact Highpower Chairman John Julian at / 509-308-0376 or Highpower Secretary John Hauptmann at / 509-308-9230 if you have questions about an event or how to get involved with Highpower at any level or discipline.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page at TCSA Highpower and our web page for additional details, match highlights, photos and related links.  


Additional information on the Tri-Cities Shooting Association is available at

Home: Who We Are

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